May 7, 2021
Cabinde Pod

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Cabin Depot is a London-based company that provides multi-functional portable office buildings. The company sells modular office space of different sizes, optionally fitted with heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems. They have clients across the city, including small businesses that need an economical and efficient solution for workspace rentals and big enterprises that require temporary and movable offices.


When Cabin Depot Ltd came to us in November 2016, they wanted to reach a wider audience across London and increase traffic to their website. The company noticed that queries had slowed down as well as requests being less than before.


After analyzing the website performance, we found out that the company was not ranking high on Google due to the lack of keyword-targeted content and high-authority backlinks. Therefore, we created a blog with regularly updated posts that would match the relevant search phrases and bring a highly engaged audience. We also executed four Google Ads campaigns that targeted new customers with purchase intent. As Cabin Depot Ltd was particularly interested in London clients, we implemented Local SEO using Google Maps.


Our work resulted in the Cabin Depot site ranking higher for local searches. The organic traffic increased by 20%, while Google Ads campaigns boosted the paid traffic by 500%, significantly growing the conversion rate.

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