A brief overview of the search trends in 2022

March 11, 2022
google trends

The 2022 year has seen the rise of new trends in Google users’ search. As we are going out of the two-year pandemic, people are looking for opportunities to experience events in person. There are no longer legal requirements to wear masks or self-isolate after a positive Covid test in England. 

Pandemic-inspired searches

However, our lifestyle has changed a lot since pre-quarantine times, and the Google trends reflect that: pandemic-related pastimes and interests are still in great demand. Working from home is a usual thing today as many companies have perfectly adopted this way of organising business processes. 

Google’s community mobility reports show the changes in the visits and length of stay at different places compared to the corresponding pre-lockdowns period (Jan-Feb 2020). The report on the UK reveals the significant (-31%) decrease in public transport visits (such as underground, bus and train stations). Workspaces are also by 28% less visited. 

This data shows the continuing trends in spending more time at home. According to the first study on Google searches in 2022 conducted by Think with Google, people are still interested in “best movies to stream right now,” “nursery plants near me,” as well as “hair trends female” – all those trends appeared during the lockdowns.

Social activity upswing

As we mentioned above, there are opposite trends in the Google searches which depict the willingness of people to return to the “normal” life with in-person interactions and outdoor activities. Thus, the inquiries of “cinema near me,” “seating chart,” and “spring break” are getting popular. Brits are also looking for “unique things to do” as they obviously don’t want everything the same as it used to be 2 years ago.

The Search Engine Journal’s latest post concludes that customer expectations are on the rise, as they want to have services and products delivered quickly and around the clock. Such queries as “Late night shopping”, “24/7 customer service”, “Next day flower delivery” have grown to the previous years. People want more freedom and home-like comfort in public places as they seek “dog-friendly restaurants” to go out together with their pets.


Two months of the new year have passed and we already see changes in Google searches. It gives us valuable insights as business owners who want to keep up with times and trends. Google searches incorporate the market demand and show us the way to develop our offer and match the new needs. 

In March 2022 Britons tend to preserve some habits of a secluded lifestyle: online shopping and delivery, in-door pastime ideas will not lose their popularity. However, as the covid restrictions got loose, more and more people look for in-person events to take part in. Although they might have higher expectations from the businesses, like functioning over-the-clock and delivering products and services quicker and easier.


Kamil Krystman is an SEO expert with 13 years of experience. In 2013, he founded Alfamedio LTD, a company that specializes in search engine optimization and digital marketing services for small businesses.

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