Powerful Tips For Writing Content That Can Generate Leads

September 26, 2020
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Your brand is discovered by potential clients/customers via online content. Through this, they are able to get a grasp of your value proposition. Coming up with generic content and blog posts won’t produce maximum results. Apart from optimized content of very high quality, your content marketing strategies need to also stand out. This is the only way to generate targeted leads. 

Statista revealed that the number of people shopping online is about 2billion. Hubspot also claimed that the percentage of people who visit local stores after carrying out their research online is about 72%.  Most of the time, Google is usually the first place they visit. In fact, Google will always have what they are looking for. Search engine optimization is required to align with the standards of Google. Without this, your website will find it very hard to rank high. 

If you want to rank high, there is a need for your content to be of high quality. Maintaining high SERPs means that your website content must be tailored to meet the needs of your target audience. This content is not only addressing issues your target audience is facing. Also, they have been highly optimized with the right keywords. 

In order to generate leads, you need to have an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization principles as well as how to generate marketing content. There is a higher chance of people finding your website and taking action once it ranks very high. According to a study carried out by Sistrix in 2020, websites that maintain position number one on Google usually enjoy a click-through rate of around 28.5%. You can see why it is worth it to adopt search engine optimization strategies. For you to be successful in SEO, the importance of content marketing can’t be ignored. 

In this blog post, we will be looking at content marketing. The aim is to enable you to understand how to generate powerful content that can convert. It is important to understand everything about marketing content. It is one of the easiest ways of generating leads. This post will include the following subheadings:

  • The meaning of content marketing
  • The importance of content marketing 
  • Tips for writing SEO optimized content 
  • How to craft an effective content marketing strategy

The meaning of content marketing

This process entails generating leads through the creation and distribution of content on various online platforms. It has two major aims – to provide value and at the same time generate targeted traffic back to your website. This traffic can become leads after reading such content and then decide to ask for further information about your services. They can also become leads by signing up for newsletters on your website. 

Content marketing can take various forms like articles, blog posts, the creation of videos, and podcasts. Others can be newsletters, eBooks, guest posting, whitepapers, and many others. There is a high chance of generating more leads when your content is considered to be relevant. For your content to generate leads, it has to be well-planned out. It is important that your strategy for content marketing aligns with the goals of your audience. This is what makes the process of lead generation to be very easy. 

Some examples of content marketing are:

Software company 

Software companies are a typical example of a B2B (business-to-business) strategy for content marketing. This could be a company that helps other businesses manage their subscriber base. In this case, their content will be aimed at targeting business owners. They are meant to explain how such software can enable businesses and companies to become very competitive. 

Website Design Company

This is another company which renders business-to-business services.  The content to be developed in this case could be from the angle of website design. In other words, the aim is to help businesses design websites that look professional. Some of the content that web design companies can generate in order to attract businesses are “benefits of having a professional website”, “tips for hiring the best web design companies” and many others. After reading this content, business owners can decide to sign up in order to check out your offers. 

Fitness brand

There is something similar about the 2 examples mentioned above. This is the fact that they are B2B related. In other words, the Software Company and Website Design Company are both targeting business owners. However, when it comes to fitness brands, the content to be generated is quite different. This is because it will be targeting potential customers or clients. Therefore, this content will be B2C-related. The aim is to ensure consumers or end-users of their products are being targeted directly. For instance, a company selling sneakers can decide to produce content which talks about the “top benefits of sneakers during exercise”. 

There is something that makes these examples very effective. They have a way of creating value instead of trying to sell something outright to their target audiences. They are very much different from promotions and ads. With content marketing, you have the rare chance of tapping into the curiosity of your target audience. In this process, there is a natural way of introducing your brand. 

Having talked about the meaning of content marketing including its importance, there is something you need to understand. This is the fact that lead generation becomes impossible without your target audience getting access to such content. It takes us to the next stage of this write-up which is what makes content marketing an integral part of SEO and online searches. 

The importance of content marketing

Data released by Hubspot in 2020 revealed that approximately over 70% of online marketers are investing heavily in strategies for content marketing. The reason for this is simple to understand – it brings results and has proven to be very profitable. Given that majority of the people, you are targeting are online, such gives you the chance of coming up with a perfect plan for content marketing to ensure there is awareness about your site online. 

It is high time we looked at the relationship existing between lead generation content, search engines, and content marketing. 

Content marketing is all about creating content that can add value to the lives of your target audience. In other words, they are subject matters that your potential customers will be interested in. For such content to rank high, search engine optimization will be required. 

The algorithm of Google doesn’t read content like humans. Rather, it makes use of writing standards and technical cues in determining whether your content can be ranked high or not. 

SEO optimized content – How this can be written

Google has over 90% of the global search market. Although data is not extracted based on search volume, about 70,000 search queries are being done each second. Given this fact, one thing is clear. It is necessary for your content to be optimized and a special approach or strategy is required. There are 3 factors that can be considered when writing SEO-optimized content. These are:

  • Relevant keywords 
  • Quality content that addresses the reader’s problems 
  • Ensuring the content is properly structured

3 tips for writing content that can make your brand visible online

Use of strategic keywords 

In case you don’t know, keywords are those search queries people input on Google and other search engines. For instance, when a person is looking for how to lose weight, he can type something like “Tips for weight loss in 21 days” or “how to lose weight fast in 7days”. The person will then start clicking on results that he deems relevant to his search term as shown on Google. 

Keywords make more sense when they align with what your target audience is searching for. Also, ensure that keywords are included in your meta descriptions, titles, and in various sections of such content. This can give your website a chance of ranking high. 

Matching user search intent

When it comes to digital strategies, Google is majorly ensuring that customers are the center of focus. In order for search results to be delivered, it considers user intent or searches intent. With this, your target audience will be given exactly what they are in search of. For instance, 2 websites may be targeting the same keyword like “weight loss medicine”. However, one may be selling weight loss products while the other seems to be about different weight loss articles. In this case, the content will be ranked based on user intent – what people are searching for. It is important you understand how search intent can be optimized for best results. 

When it comes to NLP (Natural Language Processing), it can be said that technology has become very advanced. In order for human language, nuances, and context to be understood better, BERT has been trained.  According to Google, this is called DeepRank. It plays a major role in helping Google’s algorithm to understand search queries better. Although how your keywords are positioned throughout the content matters, Google can still know once such a post is not adding any value. In a nutshell, it is very important to ensure your content is well-researched and of high quality. 

Proper content structure

Google reads the content on your site via indexing as well as crawling. The crawler is responsible for having the internet scanned for available content. Indexing is a process by which they are stored. A page will only appear on search results once it has been indexed. According to Google, one of the easiest ways of creating readable content is ensuring there are titles, and subtitles. Also, images that have been added should have descriptions. Numbered lists should be used wherever necessary. 

“Passage-based rankings” are being rolled out by Google. Through this, it will understand the sections of a page better. At the moment, the best pages based on search queries are what it is delivering. However, it has the chance of proving best sections of pages on sites via “passage-based rankings”. It combines search intent and optimal page structure thereby ensuring that your content has a fair chance of ranking high amongst others. 

If you want your content to be visible online, use keywords in a strategic way, match user search intent. Finally, ensure that your content has been properly structured. Whatever the case may be, always remember that the primary goal is to get leads and customers. Such simply implies that you need to develop content that addresses the need of your target audience. 

Writing engaging SEO content– Here are some basics to always remember

Identifying your audience

A professional content writing company will always ensure that your brand has been identified. In other words, it is a way of trying to know who your audience really is. With a process of audience analysis, you can carry out research to know more about what your potential customers need. 

Based on the analysis you have made, an online persona should be created. This will enable you to write content that directly addresses the needs and problems of your potential customers. The persona helps you answer some questions that may be affecting them directly and indirectly. 

Writing headlines that are powerful

There is something about powerful headlines. This is the fact that they are always commanding, memorable and can address the emotions of people. There are a few tips to follow here. These are:

  • Ensure it is very simple and straight-to-the-point
  • Use of numbers 
  • Ensuring initial capitalization rule is followed 
  • Starting with words like discover, how, why, secrets, facts, and more

The bottom line is to ensure your headlines are strong and addresses questions that your target audience may be asking on such subject matter. 

Creating content that can be easily understood

It is very important that your content is concise and straight to the point. Search engines try to know how long people spend reading content on your site. If they are spending shorter time as compared to your competitors’ sites, this can hurt your ranking. The reason is that the bots usually feel your site doesn’t have what people are searching for. 

Therefore, ensure that your content is of very high quality. In other words, it should be well-researched.  

For the questions of your target audience to be answered, your content needs to be properly researched and developed. Through this, they will find out about your offers. It is basically all about finding a way to strike the right balance between search engine optimized content and one that addresses the problem of your target audience. 

Coming up with a content strategy that converts

Content marketing and SEO go together. Don’t ever choose to do one without the other since such could be disastrous. In other words, don’t just develop well-researched content. Instead, it should also be highly optimized to rank high amongst search engines. This is how people can find out about your company. The best content strategy includes:

  • Implementing SEO techniques 
  • Publishing your content on the right platforms or channels 
  • Producing relevant content on a regular basis

Once leads have been converted via such content, the next stage is to turn them into loyal customers. 

Do you want your business to be competitive via high-quality content? There is no other way of achieving such than hiring the services of Trust Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. With more than 15years of experience, there is every reason to believe that we understand how to produce winning content. 

We also understand how to do proper keyword research to enable your content to rank high on search engines. Our experts understand everything about SEO and content marketing. Therefore, be rest assured that nothing will be compromised. We have a mission of ensuring that your site gets highly targeted traffic for best results. You can feel free to contact us today to get your content written.

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